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No more stress.  

No more guesswork.   

Visualize your scheme with Virlette.


We understand that one of the biggest problems facing anyone undertaking a

decoration or building project, is not being able to visualize what the end result will be.

Virlette solves this, in a beautiful and simple way.

Virlette is a software program that marries virtual rooms with real virtual samples,

so that you can make the right product selections with your customers.   

Experiment with different color schemes.   Explore unique pattern and color combinations.

Keep your customers excited and engaged.

Physical samples will always be important in making a final decision. 

However, swatches can be small and it can be difficult to imagine them at the right scale -  

as a curtain, on a couch, or as wallpaper on a wall. 

Samples also cost money to make, ship and store.

Virlette takes your samples to the next level, letting your customers

experiment with your product range as never before.

Drive more engagement.   Speed up the decision making process.

Build better relationships with your customers, and benefit from repeat business and referrals.

Virlette is currently available by software licence on PC and Mac, linked to a customized sample database.

We can create custom rooms and exterior spaces, or you can choose from our standard range.

For product suppliers and online retailers, we can create a customized version that sits on your website. 

We can also offer a full virtual reality experience when our software is paired with the right hardware.

Whether you are a retailer or showroom in the home improvement area, wanting to help customers

visualize their curtains and blinds, flooring or wallpaper; 

a product manufacturer or supplier wanting to drive engagement with your samples

and have your products considered at the right time in a project;

an architect, designer or design/build company wanting to help your clients understand how your product recommendations will look in their new space; or

a real estate agent or property developer, selling a concept plan before it is built......   

Get in touch to find out more.

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