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Build your virtual sample showroom with Virlette.


For Product Manufacturers and suppliers, Virlette provides a new way for your customers to

engage with your products and your brand. 

Virlette can create editable spaces with a linked sample database for 

Paint,   Fabric (Upholstery and Drapery),   Blinds,    Wallpaper,     Flooring,    Rugs, 

Kitchens,   Tiles (Interior and Exterior)   and   Exterior cladding materials.


Physical samples will always be important - nothing can replace the touch, feel and smell of the real thing.

However, swatches can be small and it can be difficult to imagine them at the right scale -  

as a curtain, on a couch, or as wallpaper on a wall.  Samples also cost money to make, ship and store.

Virlette takes your samples to the next level, letting your customers experiment with

your product range as never before.

We can build your virtual sample database  - either delivered in your showrooms with our desktop version,

or integrated into your website.

Choose from our standard spaces and exterior scenes, or we can custom build rooms to suit your requirements.

Get in touch for more information, or click on the link below for a free trial.

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