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The Power of Visualisation.   

One of the biggest problems facing anyone building or renovating is visualising what the end space will look and feel like. 

Added to that is a seemingly endless number of material options and decisions to be made.

From wallpaper and curtain materials, to tiles, flooring and paint colours – trying to imagine how everything will come together can be daunting. 

The stress around the cost and time involved if the end result doesn’t meet expectations can be huge,

as even a small building or interior project can be a significant investment.

No one knows this better than New Zealand based Architect, Virginia Fay

Having worked with clients for over 20 years, and particularly during recent work on her own home, she could understand the very real anxiety that homeowners experience.  

Despite using 3d computer modelling to present concepts, often the most basic decisions -

like how a paint color might work with a particular tile choice - were the most difficult.

Virginia founded Patternsnap in 2012, with initial focus on setting up a digital sample database. 

Virginia and Patternsnap are now excited to launch the company's next product, Virlette. 

Virlette  - Virtual Palette -  is a series of beautiful, virtual rooms which are paired with real materials –

paint colours, drapery and upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, tiles and flooring. 

Virlette gives you the ability to play, quickly creating completely different 'looks' for the same room.   

You can move around in a space where the light, reflections and shadows look realistic,

and switch your view between night and day.

Seeing the scale of a wallpaper or fabric pattern can be critical in making a decision. 

Often physical samples are too small to imagine how they would look in a larger piece.

Virlette brings the power of virtual reality mainstream, enabling consumers to view their selections to scale in a virtual room, before making the commitment in their own space.

Virginia is keenly aware of the positive psychological effects that creating a completely unique, personal and comfortable home can have.  She believes that everyone deserves a space which reflects their personality, as it forms the backdrop to life. 

‘Virlette is about having fun, about experimenting with all of the products available and working out which ones work the best.   I think it will help people feel more confident in their choices and take more risks –

as there are some amazing, bold products out there.  

I’d love Virlette to become the go-to tool for people to create their dream homes.’

                                                                                       - Virginia Fay, Founder,  Virlette / Patternsnap

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